Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Breast Cancer Research, Breedables Horses and Virtual Worlds OH MY!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Search Engine Optimization...Back to the Basics

Over the past few years we have seen a growing trend in Social Media Marketing and Networking. We have also seen a decline in the good ole fashion basics of Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing process of how the search engines rank your site. Each search engine has their own set of algorithms that are used to rank your site. Search Engine Optimization specialists can spot some of these algorithms and assist your company in gaining natural free ranking on the engines opposed to purchasing high amounts of Pay Per Click (PPC).

Search Engine Algorithms are the best kept secret on the net. Go to Google and tell them you will pay $10 million for their current algorithms and you will be laughed out the door. The same goes for all worth while search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a basic need; requirement if you will to have any success on the internet marketing front. To have a website that does not have appropriate SEO is equivalent to the following scenario.

with out SEO...it is like this...
Compare your website to a brick and mortar building. You have the best location. You are located on the busiest highway in the Universe. In fact this highway holds so much traffic within one hour that man in the real world could not hope to build a highway that could withstand the amount of traffic going by your new store ever.

Now without SEO it would be the same as if your contractor forgot to hire an electrician, so you have zero energy into your business. That same contractor also negated to put in a front door...there is no way for your customers to get in unless they happen to find a crack in the wall to slip through. On top of that there is NO sign to say you are open or what you do...no parking lot for customers to easily turn into to.

I do not know about other people that own a business but for me the above scenario would have me out of business before it even began. Having a great idea for a website is wonderful. You must make sure all of your basics are covered first.

With the recent realization of many companies that Social Media as good as it is...is still unproven in ROI. Time is money after all and running a Social Media Marketing campaign take times and trial after trial before your product or service could catch on. Just because someone said "this is where it is all at"...only makes that person a highly paid walking billboard for that one avenue. With proper SEO you are entering into an avenue that has proven results. Low cost and an ROI that is measurable. It simply just make sense. It is the same as having electricity running into your businesses in real life...you just would not go without it.

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Jeannie Inman

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have always been the type to really dive into a project. I want to know everything about the competition what they did right and what they may have negated in the creative process.
I rely on the concept that marketing and site build must go hand in hand.
At the end of a build I have seen more times than not that elements were left out or not thought of to aid in the promotion of the website.

I appreciate my clients and am proud to have worked with each and everyone of them. To see further work that has a been done in conjunction with our partner company please see Spotlight Websites

Here are just a few examples of what our clients have to say.

I confidently write the strongest possible recommendation for Jeannie Inman. I've been involved in enough web design and build projects to know that completing such projects takes a unique combination of creativity, discipline and an understanding of what does and does not work on the web. Jeannie leads confidently in all three areas and InkFlip.com is a prime example of the kind of success that can be achieved if you give Jeannie the reigns and get out of the way. In addition to design and build coordination, Jeannie's ability to research, propose and execute a web marketing plan is second to none. She provides realistic expectations and works tirelessly to be sure that every dollar spent is maximized. I could not be more please with Jeannie's effort, attitude or aptitude and I will continue to highly recommend her any chance I get.

Andy Sperry
Flippin' CEO

Chuck Hamrick
“I worked with Jeannie in close contacts for several years. She was successful in increasing contract clients and helped significantly growing the company. Prior to Jeannie joining SharpNET we worked with monthly clients and she helped us develop yearly agreements and multi-site deals. Customers were her top priority and she managed accounts directly. Jeannie is a professional, full of energy and brings a lot of excitement to her work. An extreme work ethic coupled with dedication and enthusiasm. You are in good hands with her”!

Chuck Hamrick
Outsourced Program Manager at Register.com, Affiliate Manager at Affiliatecrew.com, Moderator at ABestWeb.com

Wayne Wood
"Jeannie offers creativity, a keen understanding of leading edge technologies and she is a wonderful service provider. I would highly recommend her services".
Hired Jeannie in 2006, and hired her more than once.
Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Wayne Wood
Managing Partner at Elite Source Pro, LLC

Prosper LLC
“With more than 12 years of internet marketing experience, Jeannie provides beyond in-depth knowledge of what's happening in the continuously changing internet world. I've worked in the world of technology in Silicon Valley and have never met someone with such intense knowledge and desire to unfold the secrets of the internet's workings. Because of this passion she has, her recommendations for business growth via internet tools in addition to protecting the privacy of that business and its clients surpasses any I've met before. The knowledge base of standard web-designers does not compete - Jeannie can take the talents of a web designer and catapult them into a new level by working together. Jeannie is a valuable asset to compliment any marketing team, website design team and promotional strategy!!”
Paula Swift, Owner, Prosper, LLC - Business Image Consulting

Wes Mayers
"I cannot say enough good things about Jeannie Inman and her staff at DragonFly Concepts. From conception to completion they are innovative, timely, and very creative. I am extremely pleased with their work and their professionalism."
Wes Mayers
Redline Entertainment, Inc.

Trey Bruce
"As an independent record producer that works a lot with artists from the beginning stages of development to the actual record deal, I found myself needing an expert in Internet Marketing. It would be too late to say that that's where the future is, because we're already there, and we arrived some time ago...... Look out the window!

"DragonFly Concepts is the company that I chose to work with for a number of reasons. I think they care about the quality of their work and reputation as much as I do my own, and as a result they look out for me like I'm one of their own. The internet is a tricky place, it changes daily and I don't have time to try and keep up with it although it's the most important new tool in my box for making consumers and music lovers aware of new artists. DragonFly Concepts not only keeps me moving in current, up-to-date technology, but has me experimenting with future concepts that I don't always understand myself. So, they sit me down and explain it to me personally, one-on-one, start to finish, until I'm blue in the face and totally geeked out! As a result of this forward thinking I've witnessed an artist without a record deal have an increase in sales from their own website only days after DragonFly Concepts took control of the marketing reins. DragonFly Concepts is helping me move my artists forward in unique and unconventional ways."

Trey Bruce